Getting Behind The Wheel

Now that you have taken these very necessary measures, you can rest easy. Children playing outside, in local parks or walking home after school will no longer be a cause of worry. There is a very enjoyable sense of independence which comes with learning to drive. While it is convenient to have your parents, or your older sibling drive you around; it can be accompanied with some grumbling on part of your sister, and the alternative of public transport is not always inviting.

Getting started

Now while you may agree with all of the above, the problem is that laziness also comes into play, and you may end up procrastinating on taking that first step. So think of the horror of having to be driven around for the rest of your life, and having to listen to your sibling rant for half an hour prior to departure. With that thought in mind, go sign up for some driving classes, and begin an intense study the varied meanings of different types of line marking Perth WA. Keep in mind you have a written test as well as a practical test.

Practice practice practice
Diligently go for all your classes and try and get some extra practice in when you are free. As a learner, you won’t be able to drive alone, so deploy some serious food bribes to get your parents or older siblings, and even your friends to sit in the passenger seat. While driving straight, and braking at a red light is simple enough, there are more daunting aspects of driving you will have to master. The dreaded parallel parking, clutch balance, and reversing are all skills you have to master before your driving test. These more difficult tasks will require you more time and dedication, but it’ll all be worth it! While you’re inching along your street, and realizing why a rear-view mirror exists, don’t forget about your written test. You’re going to have to seriously hit the books for this one, as you don’t want to lose your license because you forgot your road rules!

The day of the test

Have a good breakfast and try not to panic. You have not practiced and practiced, and can probably parallel park with your eyes closed, while clutch balance seems like child’s play now! Be polite and pleasant with the driving instructor but stay focused on the road – you can chit chat later. Listen to instructions carefully, and drive with confidence, and don’t crash into any bollards! You’ve done all this many times by now. Fingers crossed, you’ll ace the practical. Approach your written test in the same mind set and focus on the paper and the questions they’re asking. If you forget a rule, then just use your common sense and answer.

Enjoy the freedom!

If you passed, then enjoy your new-found freedom and independence! Always remember to drive safely and responsibly. If you didn’t make it through, don’t worry, there’s always next time!